Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear hubby was out of town for the weekend so I thought it was the perfect time to head to the lake for a “Me” weekend. My ‘supply’ list was short and sweet. I took a stack of books, pasta, fruit, and grabbed some wonderful produce out of our garden before I headed out. The first night there was spent sitting on the deck of my friend, Toni, where we did absolutely nothing but visit for hours. It was a gorgeous evening in the great state of Nebraska; a beautiful blue sky, no wind, and a few trees gracious enough to share their beautiful yellow and orange fall colors. Our ‘supper” consisted of guacamole which seemed to be the perfect touch to a perfect evening. The following morning started with a wonderful pot of coffee shared on Toni’s deck once again. We could definitely felt the chill of the autumn days as it was 41 degrees so we both wrapped up in quilts as we sipped hot coffee and talked about how blessed we are to have great kids. J Toni became a grandma for the first time 2 weeks ago so she had lots of pictures to share. I’m so happy for her. She will love being a grandma to her little granddaughter Nora Grace. A couple hours later we realized we were hungry and decided someone better make breakfast. J We asked her husband, Steve, when he planned to start our breakfast but he didn’t seem to have any answers. Ha! Soon after Toni had a breakfast of bacon and pancakes started which filled the house with wonderful smells. I chose to have watermelon and cantaloupe that I’d picked from our garden. That started a long and interesting discussion about not eating meat and looking at labels on everything and also trying to stay at five ingredients whenever possible. It was great conversation and a great way to start the day.
As evening approached I tore myself away from my book and headed inside to start some supper for myself. I wish I’d brought my camera to take a picture of it! It looked so pretty! And it was also Delicious! I made whole wheat linguini topped with garlic, onions, green peppers and fresh mushrooms sautéed in olive oil. Yummo! I used to literally smother my pasta in sauce but I’ve realized a little sauce actually goes a long way when you put veggies cooked in olive oil on top. The olive oil is a ‘sauce’ of its own. And with less sauce I can now taste the freshness of all the vegetables!
I have to say it was a very nice, quiet weekend. Occasionally I found myself feeling a bit guilty about taking time for myself, which I know is silly, but still… There’s just something about being alone with your own thoughts, being outside in gorgeous weather, and having a friend to chat with. Good times….
*Thought for the day*
We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.  ~François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

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