Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don’t Judge ~
You may look at me and think you know me but you don’t. You don’t my story, my history, my emotional journey. I struggle with food – every day. I know precisely the amount of food I eat. I struggle with breaking away from the number on the scale and the size label in my clothes. I listen to my body; yet my mind has an even more powerful voice at times. Food should be about enjoyment and fellowship and fueling my body but there are some days when it is my worst enemy. I’ve battled weight my entire life. I am an emotional eater. I eat when I’m stressed. I eat when I’m sad.  I eat when I’m frustrated. I’m the poster child for the stereotype that our society portrays about women and their bodies – that we are measured by the number on the scale rather than by our character and values. I’ve weighed over 200 pounds and I’ve weighed 115 pounds. I’ve exercised faithfully and I’ve been a couch potato where I did no exercise whatsoever. And even though I didn’t change as a person, my outward appearance portrayed a very different picture to others. My confidence levels rise and fall according to my weight and although I know it should not, my sense of self worth and self respect is influenced by my weight as well.
Don’t judge a ‘skinny’ person and assume they have a ‘high metabolism’. Maybe she runs 40 miles a week. Maybe she is diligent about working out every single day. Maybe she lost a family member from cancer and has vowed to do everything in her power to be as healthy and fit as is possible. Maybe she has cancer herself and has lost 50 pounds from the vicious attack it is taking on her body.
Don’t assume that the overweight person you see eating a greasy hamburger and french fries is fat because she eats junk food and other crap every single day. ‘Skinny’ people eat crap too. Don’t assume she is lazy. Maybe she has lost 50 pounds and is on course to losing even more! Don’t be rude. There’s no excuse for ugly behavior.  
Don’t wish you were someone else – you don’t know them - you have no idea what journey they are on. Fight like hell to figure out a way to be happy with yourself. That’s what great people do. They believe in themselves. They believe in their ideas. They figure out a way to live with the things they cannot control.

*Thought for the day*
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~e.e. cummings


  1. Very well written with a poignant message.

  2. i can relate to this, thanks for sharing.