Saturday, September 10, 2011

It’s been a very long time since my own girls were 3 years old and I’d forgotten the eating habits of a 3 year old. Jaxon is a great eater; he loves fruits and vegetables and isn’t a picky eater at all which I’m so thankful for. We’ve had people comment on how he loves his veggies!   But he likes to eat small amounts throughout the entire day. It seems like he’s always asking for “snacks”, which in his language means ‘I’m hungry’. So it’s important to have lots of healthy foods around to satisfy him. I have to really be careful that there aren’t too many ‘snacks’ throughout the day though so he will eat a good lunch. It’s a fine line some days.
I’ve found that his favorite breakfast is sausage, toast, and orange juice. I tried oatmeal with raisins the other day and he liked it. I was kind of surprised but he didn’t even question that he was trying a new food.  Braylon liked it as well, which is good to know because it’s a little harder trying to come up with a variety of good breakfasts for him. Braylon is up to trying anything he can feed himself. I love to watch his little fingers work so hard to pick up food and finally get it to his mouth. Success!! J Braylon did surprise his mommy the other day when he ate grapefruit. Most babies make that awful face when the sour hits the taste buds but not him!    
One thing I think we can all learn from children is that follow their natural instincts when it comes to eating. They eat when they’re hungry and they stop eating when they’re full. I think adults could use more practice in following our own internal cues when it comes to eating.

*Thought for the day*

A three year old child is someone who gets as much fun out of an expensive swing set as  he does out of finding a small green worm.  ~Bill Vaughan

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