Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I’m finally getting around to making the ciabatta bread I had on my “to do” list last week! The recipe makes two small loaves so I decided to make one more batch so I have plenty to make my dressing recipe for Thanksgiving. A year or so I found THE best dressing recipe! Seriously, it is the most delicious dressing I’ve ever had. It calls for ciabatta bread which I’ve found in town before but this year I decided to see how hard it was to make our own. The less store bought ingredients the better! This recipe starts with a ‘sponge’ which I’d never heard of before. For those of you that are bread makers, you have probably heard that term used but for me I had no idea what a “sponge” was relating to bread! It takes about 5 minutes –literally- to make the sponge; you let it set overnight and then finish the bread the next day. Very simple. This would be great bread to have with pasta or soup! We both love the taste so I’m sure I’ll be making more of it in the future!  Oh, and if you’re curious – when it comes to the battle of measuring cup vs. dough hook – dough hook wins. J
I hope each of you is treating your body to a good breakfast every morning before you run out the door to start the day! J It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a nutritious jump start to the day!
*Thought for the day*                                              
Complaining that there’s not enough time merely wastes more of your time. Instead of being resentful about what you must do, be appreciative of what you can do.

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