Monday, November 7, 2011

So how did you do on the first day of the Challenge? Hopefully you can say, “I did great. Everything I ate had 5 ingredients or less!” J
As you challenge yourself this week ask yourself this question. Do I really want to eat something that has been scientifically designed not to rot?  Highly processed foods don’t spoil for long periods of time; sometimes very long periods of time. Have you seen the video of the guy who keeps McDonald hamburgers and fries for 6 months and they don’t look much different that the moment he bought them?  He didn’t do a scientifically based study on them but just seeing the changes-or lack of changes- is something to think about! And if a food has the same name in every language it’s not REAL food. Example: McDonalds, Pringles, Starbucks. Again, big companies spending lots of money advertising foods filled with of preservatives and chemicals.

My day:
Breakfast: Banana, apple, grapes
Mid Morning: Black olives
Lunch: Large salad with a side dish of red beans and rice
Supper: Broccoli Soup
*Thought for the day*
Trustworthy means, If you ask me to hold your cookie until you come back; when you come back, I will still be holding your cookie.  J

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