Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Monday EveryoneJ
I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The weather here was not typical January weather in Nebraska. Far more like early spring weather with highs in the 60’s and more importantly very little wind! It is time to restock some essentials so I started to tackle my ‘to do’ list by making a double batch of granola, a double batch of whole wheat bread and homemade cookies. Jaxon has been asking for cookies for the last couple weeks so he will be thrilled when he asks for them tomorrow and I surprise him with them.  It might be cookies for breakfast tomorrow!                                                         (I can do that… I’m the Grandma) J
On Saturday I had a friend stop by for the afternoon.  Never underestimate the healing qualities that friendship has to offer. A thoughtful and understanding ear can be just the thing to refresh and rejuvenate you. She does more for my heart than she knows. We talked about doing a second 100 day challenge together. She is taking a wonderful trip/vacation soon so we’ve decided to wait until she gets back to start. We’re starting the second 100 day challenge Monday, February 13th. I’d love to have others join us if you’re willing! That gives you almost a month to get yourself in the right mindset to do this with us!!
*thought for the day*
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.~ Martin Luther King Jr

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