Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“It’s Too Hard” Excuse
By now you have a few days of New Year’s resolutions under your belt and I’m hoping you’re sticking to whatever you ‘resolved’ to change or do differently. For those of you that have already fallen off the resolution wagon … oh well, there’s always next year! Ha!
Making changes is hard, but there are lots of things that are hard. Life can be hard. Taking care of grandkids is hard, keeping up with the laundry is hard, staying married for 32 years is hard, getting up for work when you would much rather stay in your pajamas all day is hard! Lots of things are hard but you don’t see people saying, “You know what kids, getting up early is hard so just stay up as late as you want, sleep in, and you don’t have to go to school.” As great as that sounds, what would the result be? There would be consequences!!  There are always consequences! It’s the same thing when it comes to making healthy food choices. Too many people use the ‘it’s too hard’ excuse. “It’s too hard” to make good food, it takes too much time.  How in the world do we manage everything else but yet can’t find time to eat a healthy breakfast and instead reach for the donuts because it’s ‘easier’?  The reality of it is we’re all busy, just with different things. And yes, it’s hard to keep yourself from spinning out of control when your schedule seems overloaded, but it comes down to the choices you make. If you want to make it happen, you WILL.
 Change one thing at a time. Start small. Use your crock pot more! Find a crock pot recipe you like and start there. Throw in some meat and a ton of veggies and when you get home from work you’ll have soup waiting for you. You may be surprised how many things you can find in the fridge that you can throw in the crock pot and make a wonderful stew/soup. There’s nothing better than walking in the house after a long day and being met with that wonderful aroma and knowing you don’t have to think of something to cook for supper. PLUS, you will know exactly what ingredients went into it! PLUS there is very little clean up. Shoot – use paper bowls if you want to and make it even quicker!
*Thought of the day*                                    
You don’t need to see far into the future – you only need to see far enough for the next step.

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