Monday, January 30, 2012

I spent the weekend in Denver visiting Katie, Jon, and Cooper. Katie had to work the whole weekend which didn’t leave a lot of time to visit with her, but on the other hand, it did give me some wonderful one-on-one time with Cooper! I enjoyed that. Katie had told me she was making up some homemade baby food for him, which made my heart very happy. J She had lots of vegetables and fruits in freezer bags in the freezer and you just popped a couple out and Waa-Laa! The meal was made. They are really slick!! I tasted the sweet potatoes and it was wonderful! I was impressed by how handy it was but equally impressed by the taste of it. When our girls were little I would make their food but I would use one of those ‘old fashioned’ baby grinders and I’d do one meal at a time. The girls loved it but it was time consuming. Katie’s idea of freezing little servings is far more practical.
Any more takers on the upcoming REAL food challenge?  Our youngest daughter, Jess, has decided to do a 100 day challenge of no meat during that time. I’m excited for her. I told her she might be surprised how easily it is to give up meat; something I never thought I’d say in my life! I’m trying to talk my hubby into doing the challenge as well, but he says he likes the way he eats. J I told him it doesn’t have to be something you take away; it could also be a challenge of something he can add to his diet. He said he’d think about it. Ha!
Today’s weather was beautiful again so we took the boys out to the lake to throw rocks. Imagine that! J I don’t know what it is that fascinates them with throwing rocks in the water but they are happy campers when they do. We had to coax Jaxon away from the lake by telling him we’d go make pizza for lunch. It went from”‘Rocks, Rocks, Rocks’ to ‘Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!”  J I grabbed a whole wheat pizza crust from the freezer (which I’d made with some bread dough that didn’t rise) and decided we’d make a Pizza Face for lunch! It was fun. Papa said there was some hamburger in the fridge to put on it and I asked him what part of the face would be hamburger? He just gave a funny look. Sometimes he thinks I’m losing my mind. J

*thought for the day*
Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their rear end when they ask where the bathroom is?

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