Friday, January 20, 2012

Try new foods with your family. Be lifetime members of the ‘one bite club.’ Keep in mind that kids model after adult behavior so put on your happy face when you take your first bite of a new food. Don’t grunt or say negative comments. Think of some good adjectives like ‘sour’, ‘crunchy’, ‘chewy’, or as a last resort use ‘very interesting.’ J
Teach children that the food on their plate should be colorful. Talk about RED apples, GREEN beans, YELLOW bananas, BLUE berries, PINK salmon, ORANGE cantaloupe, BLACK beans etc. When you are grocery shopping, ask your kids how many colors they can find in the produce section. Make it a point to see lots of colors on their plate at each meal.
Allowing your child to help you in the kitchen is such a great learning tool. Kids are far more likely to eat what they’ve helped you cook. Yes, it will probably add to the time it takes to make supper but it’s worth it! Have them tear the lettuce into pieces, set the table, beat the eggs, or put toppings on pizza. For older kids, have them measure ingredients, peel vegetables, put groceries away, or read the directions on a recipe.
*thought for the day*
Anticipate today as if it was your birthday and you are turning six again~ Mike Dolan

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