Sunday, February 12, 2012

100 Day Challenge (Round 2)

My Week’s Menu – Monday, Feb. 13th – Sunday, Feb.19th
I don’t make everything from scratch but I do like to make as much of our food as possible in my own kitchen. Since store bought bread has 39+ ingredients in it (LITERALLY!), I make our bread.  We love our homemade bread and I don’t mind making it at all. I usually make a double or triple batch so I always have a loaf in the freezer. I also make our own pizza crusts which are super simple as well. Another essential is our homemade granola. Everyone loves it! It’s hard to keep enough of it in the house. J
I’ll share my upcoming week’s menu in hopes it will give you some ideas for your own family. Keep in mind that I don’t eat much meat but it’s very easy to add a chicken breast, salmon fillet etc. to meet your family’s tastes. Also, my breakfasts and lunches are ‘kid friendly’ since I eat with our 3 year old and 1 year old grandsons each day. J
Monday -            Breakfast – French Toast with maple syrup
                                Lunch – PB&J sandwich – carrot sticks -- raisins
                                Supper – Broccoli soup
Tuesday               Breakfast – Homemade Granola
                                Lunch -  Chili
                                Supper – Spinach Salad loaded with vegetables
Wednesday        Breakfast – Oatmeal with raisins
                                Lunch – Baked potato with chili (leftovers from Tuesday)
                                Supper –  Avocado sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion on whole wheat bread
Thursday             Breakfast – fruit salad (apple, banana, orange)
                                Lunch – Homemade pizza
                                Supper – Taco salad
Friday                    Breakfast – Smoothie with whole wheat toast
                                Lunch – Peas and Pasta
                                Supper – Stir fry with brown rice
Saturday              Breakfast – Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich (I leave the bacon off mine J)
Lunch – Stew
                                Supper – Leftover stew
Sunday                 Breakfast – Whole wheat banana pancakes with maple syrup
                                Lunch- ???  Sometimes we go out for lunch after church
                                Supper – Crock pot lasagna

Reminder: The ‘rules’ I follow during this 100 day challenge:
1. Eat food that has 5 ingredients or less
2. Eat foods that your great grandmother would recognize as food.
3. Do Not eat food that has an ingredient that a 3rd grader couldn’t pronounce.
Three simple rules but when you follow them it narrows down the list of foods you eat substantially! For those of you taking this challenge with me, Good Luck! J I’m anxious to get your feedback as your journey unfolds.
P.S. My husband had intended to do a 100 day challenge of drinking decaf coffee rather than regular but as of today, I don’t think that’s going to happen. J
*Thought for the day*
Sing in the morning! It’s hard to both sing and maintain a grouchy mood.

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