Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 7

I have to admit that this 100 day challenge is a harder for me than the first time I did it. I don’t really know why but I’m having a harder time getting my head in the right place this time. When I started the first challenge it was in August which meant a wide variety of summer produce; especially from our garden. I always have fruits and veggie in the house but it just isn’t the same as walking to the garden and eating tomatoes and cucumbers right from the vine. I look back at my blog posts during the beginning weeks of my first challenge and I sounded pretty darn chipper. I’m not feeling quite that chipper this time around but I’ll keep working on it! J
 For lunch today I made a colorful salad and as I’m getting ready to pour a little salad dressing on it, I remember my ‘5 ingredient or less rule’ so I glance at the ingredients (which I already knew the answer) and of course there were way more than 5 ingredients. I added a few kalamata olives to my salad which really did add a lot of flavor, but I did miss my Dorothy Lynch. J
As I said earlier, I didn’t make all the meals on my menu last week so I’ll see how this week goes. It really is helpful to be able to glance at options for meals and know that I have all the ingredients on hand. I don’t have to search the cupboards or ask myself that infamous question, “What are we having for supper?” I’m planning to make a few new recipes for the boys and I this week. They sound pretty simple so I’m hoping they will taste as good as I’m expecting them to.   
FEB 19th – 25th
Breakfast             homemade biscuits with strawberry jelly
Lunch                    Spinach salad with tons of veggies
Supper                 Pasta                                    

Breakfast             Fruit salad
Lunch                    Salmon – corn – fried potatoes (left over baked potatoes)
Supper                 Spinach and coleslaw salad with veggies

Breakfast             Granola
Lunch                    Peas and Pasta
Supper                 Baked potato, broccoli, asparagus

Breakfast             French toast
Lunch                    Baked Ziti
Supper                 White bean and spinach soup
Breakfast             Toast with peanut butter
Lunch                    Veggie Casserole
Supper                 Black beans with salsa and chips

Breakfast             Oatmeal with raisins
Lunch                    Peanut butter sandwiches with apple slices
Supper                 Spaghetti                            

Breakfast             pineapple/carrot muffins
Lunch                    Spaghetti squash, grilled zucchini, green beans 
Supper                 Taco Salad

*Thought for the day*
“We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.” - Donald Horban

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