Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yesterday I had one thing on my “To Do” list and that was clean my closet.  I have a great walk in closet but for the last few months it has become a catch all for a little bit of everything. It took me most of the afternoon but I’ve finally got my closet back! It is crazy how quickly things accumulate. Needless to say, I ended up with a large bag for a garage sale, but more importantly for me, it is organized! I like things organized.
Occasionally I get in a creative mood and once I get an idea in my head it’s nearly impossible to stop myself until I’m finished. This morning I started cleaning out under our staircase to make a space for our grandkids. It’s not a big space but I think it will be a great “Reading Room”.  Although I didn’t think there was much stored under there, once I drug things out I was surprised at how much ‘stuff’ there was. Not only do I have an exercise ball but I have two exercise balls; neither which I use. Not only do I have 5 lb hand weights, I have 8 lb hand weights! (In my defense, I did use these at one time but haven’t for some time now.) More items to add to the ever growing garage sale pile. Hopefully someone will use them more than I did. All this ‘stuff’ is perfectly fine but I simply don’t need it. There is no reason someone should have this many Christmas decorations!  And I’m not counting the ones in the garage!
I know there is more decluttering needed in the house but for now I’m happy with a clean and tidy closet and a new ‘Reading Room’ for our boys. J
*Thought for the day*                                                         
There are two ways of achieving ultimate wealth:
+having everything
+wanting nothing

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