Friday, March 16, 2012

This week just flew by for me. I spent 4 great days in Denver with our 9 month old grandson, Cooper, who is such a sweetie. The weather was ideal for being outside and taking him on walks. We usually went on several walks each day because as soon as we opened the front door, he’d crawl to it and bang on the screen until we went outside. :) After our walks we’d play out front and he’d put rocks into a bucket and then take them back out; over and over. (How easily kids are entertained). Cooper is at that age where he wants to feed himself so it was funny to watch him clamp his mouth shut whenever he saw the spoon coming at him. He’s usually a laid back little guy but when it comes to eating he shows some personality.

That just left 2 days of keeping our other two grandsons who I hadn’t seen in a week! On the first morning I went to see them, Jaxon heard me come in and runs out to the kitchen yelling “Grandma!” He was wearing his jammie top and nothing else. :) Oh the innocence of a three year old. Braylon has now figured out that when I come, his mommy is leaving so he ran to find Jess. Ha!

As I talked about in an earlier post, my mom doesn’t cook a lot for herself so I had thought about several relatively easy meals to prepare while we were in Denver. One night I made stir fry and unbeknownst to me my mom doesn’t like stir fry! What!?! We’ve been making stir fry for her for years and I just now find out she doesn’t like it?! Actually, when I made it in Denver she didn’t really say she didn’t like it. I had asked her if she wanted soy sauce. I said some people like to use it on their stir fry. She didn’t think she’d ever tried soy sauce. (That should have been my first clue!) Then pretty soon I see her at the sink pouring off the soy sauce. I told her to just pour out the part that has soy sauce on it if she doesn’t like it. A couple minutes later, I put some salt on mine and she says, “I don’t usually use much salt but maybe that will help.” What??? I ask her if she doesn’t like stir fry and she says, “It’s not my favorite.” I said, “Mom, we make this all the time when you’re at our house.” She says, “I know.” Oh for crying out loud! Needless to say, after that I kept things pretty ‘basic’, although I don’t think of stir fry as anything out of the ordinary.

*thought for the day*

Pain is nature’s way of saying, “Don’t do that stupid”

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