Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have to say that my second 100 day challenge just doesn’t have the same ‘umph’ as the first one did. I just can’t seem to get myself into the same groove as when I did the first one in 2010. Doing the first one was FUN and I’ve read back over some of my posts and I sound almost giddy with excitement. I guess this time there are a lot of things that are different. When I started the first challenge, I had to make a TON of changes to how I ate; now I eat pretty well all the time so there isn’t as much difference as before. During the first challenge, I was learning something new every single day about how many ingredients and preservatives were in certain foods and while I’m still reading labels and I’m still learning I’ve become more educated about the foods I eat over the last year and a half. I’m still passionate about eating REAL food and I’m painfully aware how tainted and unhealthy our food system is but I guess I’m just a little disappointed that I haven’t found that commitment again this time around.

Like so many others, I tend to fall into a rut occasionally and eat the same group of foods over and over. I have so many wonderful recipes and yet I find myself falling back on a few of the old faithfuls. A couple days ago I asked hubby to think of something for supper that we hadn’t in a while. Not necessarily a new recipe but just something we hadn’t had in a while. We came up with crock pot lasagna, which is one of our favorites. My plan was to put it together in the morning and have it ready for lunch tomorrow but once I got home from town today I started thinking about what I’d make for supper tonight and decided lasagna sounded wonderful. I’d only made this recipe in the crock pot but it turned out great baking it like any other lasagna. The only changes I made were to put the spinach in the middle of the lasagna instead of on top. I also should have put the zucchini in the middle instead of on top as it dried out a little in the oven. Other than that, it was wonderful. I love the fact we always have leftovers which is just what I need with the grandsons being here today. Whenever their tummies say it’s time to eat, I’m ready!

*thought for the day*
Everyone repeat after me…. “We are all individuals”

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