Thursday, March 29, 2012


As I’ve mentioned before, I buy our eggs locally from a guy down the road. My daughter refuses to eat farm fresh eggs and swears up and down that ‘real’ eggs look different - I agree – they do! The yolks have a richer orange color instead of the pale yellow you find in store bought eggs. The egg whites of farm fresh eggs are usually clearer as well when compared to a murkier white of store bought eggs. She thinks the shells are different too – I agree with that as well. Again, ‘real’ eggs have a stronger shell because they are from healthier chickens. The other day when I was using the last two eggs from the carton, I noticed the words “Duck eggs” in ink pen, handwritten on the outside of the carton. I hadn’t even noticed it before and I think it just caught my eye when I went to throw the carton away. I remember thinking “hmm, are these duck eggs? I thought duck eggs were bigger.” I really didn’t think any more about it. Fast forward to this afternoon when I received a phone call from my daughter who said – and I quote – “Have you been feeding my boys duck eggs?” I started to laugh. She then says, “I’m serious; and if you have where did you get them? From a hippie on the street corner?” She told me she had been taking out the trash and noticed the words ‘duck eggs’ on the carton. I had this mental picture of her digging through her garbage to see exactly what I feed her boys. She just makes me laugh! I told her I wasn’t sure they were actually duck eggs as I’ve never seen ducks on the place where we buy our eggs but even if they were duck eggs, they were fine to eat. Lots of people eat duck eggs. She was not easily convinced and expressed how ‘gross’ she thought it was. I’m going to have to be much sneakier in the future. Ha!

*thought for the day*
A minute can seem such a long time . . . depending on which side of the bathroom door your on.

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