Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Excuse my absence from my blog. I have no excuses other than I’ve been plain ‘ol uninspired.

Not only my “food inspiration” has been lacking but my spiritual life has been dry lately as well. These are the times that I’m so thankful for God’s patience with me. I tend to do things on my own and forget to ask His help. I must seem like such a child in God’s eyes – Him teaching me lessons and me forgetting them so soon afterwards. Did I mention that patience isn’t my strong suit? J  Although my blog is typically a food blog, it may become a ‘whatever I’m in the mood for’ blog. And today I’m in the mood to talk about being a mom. It’s a hard job! No matter how old your children are; they are still your children and you are still a mom. Being a mom is similar to my relationship with God. When my girls struggle with situations, they don’t always ask for my help. When I do try to help them or offer them my words of wisdom, they don’t always like what I say. Sometimes I don’t know if they listen at all. Many times I feel like the teacher standing in front of the class and after explaining the assignment for 20 minutes the student raises his hand and asks, “What do we do?” They don’t want to hear what I think they just want the problem ‘fixed’. We live in such a fast paced world where we crave instant gratification and when things don’t work out how we want them to, when we want them to, we become discouraged and overwhelmed. It’s hard to wait and even harder to trust things will work out in the end. As a mother to two grown daughters, it isn’t any easier than it was when they were little girls. I pray every day for His help in becoming a more patient person and remember that He alone has the plan I need to follow. I pray every day that my girls will grow in the Lord and find their own patience in His plan. So many times I ‘forget’ to ask God to walk me through the tough times and even more often I don’t give Him the glory when I experience the good times. It’s time to allow God to be in control again (as if He isn’t always in control). J

* thought for the day*
This hour, on this day, may feel like just a small slice of your life. It is, however, the most important part of your life because it is the part you are now living.

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