Saturday, December 8, 2012

While talking to my mom this morning she asked, “Are you all ready for the holidays?” I had to think for a moment before I replied. “I guess so.” was my highly intelligent answer. I have gifts bought and wrapped but I haven’t given a thought to food I will be preparing for the company we’ll be having.  I’ve always been a planner. I mean a P-L-A-N-N-E-R. I still like it when things are planned but in the last couple years I have mellowed beyond a point I ever thought possible for myself. Maybe it doesn’t reflect on the outside, but it certainly does on the inside.

My goal this Christmas is to be present. No, not give a present but BE present. Meals will be standbys which are tried and true favorites, nothing new or exotic that I’ll be stressed about.  So often fun and meaningful gets squeezed out by rushing around making sure everything is perfect and then when everyone goes back home and the house is quiet, I don’t remember having Christmas. All I remember is cooking and cleaning up and cooking and cleaning up. This year, I want ‘fun’ and ‘meaningful’ to take priority. This year I’m holding grandkids and allowing myself to drink in the moments of Christmas. J





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