Friday, February 1, 2013

Kindness #3

This morning I went to a local elementary school where I had to be buzzed in by the front office and had to look into a camera before being allowed inside; yet another sign of the changing world in which we live and yet another sign that we all need to show a little more kindness and caring to others. 

The school’s main office was busy with teachers going in and out, the halls had lines of students changing classes and there was energy only children can generate. J I handed the secretary of bright red bag with the word LOVE on it and told her I’d like her to give this to someone who had a rough week or someone who could just use a little pick me up. 

“Oh,” was her response with a puzzled look on her face. The other teachers in the office at the time stopped talking and looked at me. I smiled and told the secretary that I thought everyone could use a little pick me up now and then. Once the initially shock wore off she smiled and thanked me and said she’d take care of it. 

I don’t know who it will go to but I hope whom ever gets it will have a little brighter day today.

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