Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Last weekend we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary, our youngest daughter’s birthday, father’s day, and our son-in-law’s birthday! Whew!  OH! we also had family pictures taken which means our family was together for a few days!

I had a wonderful time with our own kids as well as our four grandsons. We went swimming (by ‘we’ I do not mean me. The water was freezing!), rode the jet ski, built sand castles, played with water balloons, had scavenger hunts, ate smores and we nearly wore the tires off the golf cart. J  AND… Jaxon caught his first walleye!! As excited as Jaxon was about that, I think Papa was even happier. Papa is pretty excited to have all these grandsons as future fishing buddies!!

Maybe I’m mellowing in my old age or perhaps I’ve finally found a balance. Whatever the reason, I could not have asked for a better anniversary ‘gift’ than that of having my family together at the lake house. The kitchen counter was far from cleared, the beds didn’t get made, there were toys on the floor, there were bare bottomed boys running around, there was a constant chatter in the house and I simply loved it. I … Simply … Loved … It.

Thank you to my family for making our time together so much fun.              

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