Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bribe ~ something serving to influence or persuade a desired behavior 

Two year olds live in the moment and a round of applause after reciting a nursery rhyme is thrill enough for them. But a five year old, now that is a totally different story. Someone I know- let’s just say her name rhymes with Shrandma Say- has taken up the business of “rewarding” a certain grandson with ‘tokens of appreciation’ -- but with very little success.

A few days ago this certain grandson was walking to the car after a ball game and it was incredibly cold outside.The next day ‘Shrandma Say’ told him that she would give him a quarter every time she saw him with a stocking cap on. Without skipping a beat he said, “Nah, I have a whole piggy bank of money. But if you want to buy something, you could use my money.”  I just smiled and told him that if I ever needed any extra money I’d call him. With which he responded, “I don’t have a phone.” 

He’s still not wearing that stocking cap. He says his ears don’t get cold. Obviously bribing him with quarters isn't going to work. I may have to break out the big guns and by big guns I mean chocolate chip cookies.

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