Friday, January 17, 2014


As the new year begins I’ve vowed to myself to capture the many blessings in my life in a tangible form. Each time I feel blessed or want to remember a moment I will take a piece of paper and jot it down. It may consist of a simple phrase, a quick summary or an entire page, depending on the moment and depending on how much time I give myself to write. Whether I jot it down on a scrap, a napkin or actual paper,  I anxiously await the end of 2014 when I will empty this jar and remember how truly blessed my life is.

Yesterday was my first entry. I knew as the situation unfolded that I wanted to take a mental image of it and keep it stored away in my memory folder of my mind. Our grandsons, Jaxon 5 and Braylon 3, were the Incredible Hulks, appropriatley overturning chairs and tables in their ‘rage’. J At one point the 5 year old Hulk captured us and locked us in a cage (which was actually under the foosball table) and surrounded us on all sides with chairs, baskets and toys so we couldn’t escape. This went on for some time before the game changed from Hulk to school. 

I was the student and Jaxon was the daddy waiting to pick me up after school was out. Braylon was the teacher who had to dismiss me. I had to have the teacher’s permission before I could leave so I was patiently waiting on the stairs as ‘daddy’ impatiently waited to take me to lunch. I asked the ‘teacher’ if I could leave and in that instant Braylon runs upstairs and hollers, “Just a minute guys, I have to potty!” and I hear little footsteps run across the floor to the bathroom, non too soon I’m sure. A minute later here he comes carrying his britches in one hand, his underwear in the other. A few steps down Braylon says, “Oh wait, I forgot my puppet,” as he runs back to get what he’d left on the bathroom floor. As he toodles down the stairs with his bare bottom, Jaxon and I began to giggle at how the teacher didn’t have any britches on. This of course started Braylon giggling and it was a priceless moment. I knew then, as I know so many times, I am incredibly blessed.

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