Sunday, April 6, 2014

Count Down

The count down has officially begun!!!

I've always been fascinated by other cultures - the history, the foods, the people, every aspect of it.
In 24 days our two daughters, my sister and I will be on our way to Italy. Yes Italy!! I can barely believe it. I'm incredibly excited to absorb the sounds and smells and visuals of our first city, Venice. I've researched the city, I've read blogs, I've followed forums, I've asked questions and I've seen pictures of the scenery but when I find myself standing along the canals of a city built on the water..... it will be difficult to find the words to describe it. 

Throughout the 'planning' process there have been many laughs from the messages sent back and forth between the four of us. My youngest daughter, J, is nervous. Actually, there for a while I didn't think she was going to go with us on this trip. She is very anxious about leaving the United States and initially she said she just couldn't bring herself to do it. But she's going and I'm so glad she is. One this is for sure, she won't be wandering off on her own, she'll be clinging tightly to one of us at all times. 
We've rented apartments in each city which is also a topic of discussion for daughters, J and K. "Haven't you seen the movie Taken?" they asked??????!!!!???  Oh goodness, it's going to be interesting. :)

*****Things to know about Italy*****
In public restrooms, toilet paper is a rarity, so always keep a travel pack of Kleenex in your purse! 

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