Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

I’m all in favor of Easter egg hunts where robins are shaking off the last bit of winter and little ones eagerly await the gathering of those colorful plastic eggs with a miniature surprise inside. But let’s be very clear on something; just because the calendar says its spring time, does not mean one can show up at the local Easter egg hunt in a sun dress and flip flops. Have you any idea what the weather is like in Nebraska in April? But no-sir-eee, a mere 30 mile an hour wind and runny noses aren’t keeping us from trekking out in the cold.

We’d decided to just stay in the car for a few minutes before subjecting ourselves to the cold temperatures. After all, we could SEE the starting line so we easily jump out and sprint if need be. But a 5 year old who knows that the egg hunt starts at 1:00 and sees that the clock now says 12:51 was having no part of staying in the car one second more! So…we don our winter parkas, our Nebraska stocking caps and brave the outdoors. After sitting in the cold wind for nearly two minutes the 3 year old says, “This is taking forever!” 

Of course I’d left the house this morning without a coat (what’s new?) so I was extremely glad when I remembered my ‘survival bag’ in my trunk which contains a double layer winter coat! Note to self: add a stocking cap to survival bag. 

Dear daughter hadn’t brought a coat either so she ran back to the car to get a blanket to wrap around herself. Initially she was concerned about looking silly but that thought lasted a mere second once the cold set in. Upon seeing a blanket, the three year old became his mommy’s best buddy as he cuddled up close for extra warmth.

Standing next to us was a grandpa who went to wipe his dear granddaughter’s nose at which point the kleenex blew out of his pocket. Darling little granddaughter tries chasing it down, grandpa chases after granddaughter and he runs her over trying to get said kleenex, which results in little girl crashing on the sidewalk. All the while the grandpa is rushing her back to the starting line so she doesn’t miss out on a precious piece of chocolate candy. The tears in her eyes were a sure sign she was not having too much fun right about then.

Meanwhile my own grown daughter is laughing at the entire situation! I swear, I do not know where they get that! Both my girls think it’s hilarious when people fall down and crash! (In all fairness, I think they get it from their father.)

It’s almost start time. “When you hear that whistle, you GO GO GO we tell two preschool boys.  “Oh, and don’t take candy from the really little kids,” my daughter adds.  The whistle sounds…. The hunt is on! The 5 year old is on a mad run across the grass shoveling in as many eggs as his little pink fingers will allow. The 3 year old picks up about ten eggs and proceeds to say that he is done; he doesn’t want any more eggs. It’s classic to say the least. 
On your mark...Get set.... GO!

In a blink it was over. This is one event you definitely want to be on time for. My daughter looked at her watch and laughed. It took two minutes. The things we’ll do for chocolate! 

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