Monday, April 21, 2014

9 days ~

We are in the single digits!! 9 days!

Once I knew this trip was actually going to take place, I knew I wanted to learn a few words of Italian. I know I won't be fluent of course but it will be so much fun to try to carry on a short conversation with people in their native language!! I've downloaded a few apps to my phone and I've also invested in a cd collection of Italian language as well. I 'listen and repeat' as often as possible. The Italian language sounds so...luxurious doesn't it? Right now I'm thinking the Italian language sounds so.... hard to  learn! After 6 months of practicing every chance I get, I can now say "I want some wine" which I understand is an absolute must have phrase in Italy. 



  1. You're too funny!! I can only IMAGINE how excited you are being able to count down on less than all your fingers! As you anticipate your departure from life-as-we-know-it in Nebraska, I pray that God is preparing your heart for your arrival in beautiful Italy!! It's not too late... I can still try to figure out a way to disassemble myself so that I can fit into all of your carry-on's!! LOL! Love ya!!

  2. Brush up on your flexibility & I bet I can get you in our carry on easily :)