Saturday, April 26, 2014

Traveling Light

When do you start packing for your trip? Minutes, hours, days, weeks before you leave? There are some (me) who need a list (LISTS, plural) to check and double check and then check one final time to make doubly sure I have everything I could possible need. There are others who will be packing up to the very moment they walk out the door (aka dear daughters and sister). :)

22"x14"x9"  That's it - the dimensions of one carry on bag. YES, we are each taking ONE carry on bag for a 10 day trip to Italy!! 

A few days ago my sister asked, "Tell me again why we're only taking one carry on bag for ten days?"

1. We won't have to worry about lost luggage.
2. We won't have to waste time at the luggage carousel waiting for luggage to be unloaded from our flight.
3. The faster we get through customs the quicker we can get to our apartment and officially start our vacation.
4. And finally - It will be a challenge!!

Everything I've read says to pack light and that is exactly what I'm going to do, at least I'm giving it my best effort. I also know that I'll be walking a lot so the less I have to drag around the happier I'll be.

The apartments we've rented will have washing machines (but not dryers-most Italians hang their laundry outside) so we will need to do a few loads of laundry along the trip but I'm fine with that.

Honestly, if I took a bigger bag, I'd just keep filling it with more stuff! Stuff that I probably wouldn't use anyway so why take it? I never actually need as much as I think I'll need. I just visited my daughter for a few days and thought I'd give this whole idea of 'packing light' a try and I still brought more clothes than I needed to.

Here is what I've decided to take - for 10 days to Italy.

* 1 Nebraska tshirt (we still have to represent Nebraska in Europe right?)
* 1 long sleeve white shirt
* 4 sleeveless tops
* 3 camis
* 3 very light weight long sleeve tops
* 1 sweater vest
* 3 scarves - I love scarves, plus there are certain places we may visit that require shoulders to be covered and a scarf is perfect for that.
* 5 pair underwear
* 5 pair socks
* 2 wind pants
* 2 pair gym shorts
* 2 tshirts - to sleep in
* 2 pair capris
* 1 pair jeans
* 1 bra
* a light jacket
* a sweatshirt
* my pillow ( a non negotiable must have for me)

Electronics Etc.

* 2 Kindles and chargers 
* phone and charger
* Camera and extra memory cards

* small flashlight
 * straightener
 * noise canceling headphones

Personal Items
* Journal
* bathroom stuff

* band aids
* chapstick
* hand sanitizer
* my pillow
* a neck pillow

* an empty purse - I'm not using my purse as the extra item to carry on
* travel pack of Kleenex - remember the post about always having toilet paper with you?
* pepto tablets
* Ibuprofen and Tylenol
* a money belt
* a couple Ziploc bags for the unexpected exploding shampoo bottle 
* Water bottle
* Snacks for the flights

Documents and Money
* passport and copy of passport information
* Print outs of all flight and lodging info, backup personal info
* Euros and U.S. cash
* Debit card/Credit card/license/
* Copies credit card/debit card/license/medical insurance/ cards

We are taking small backpacks as well. I have to say, if I wasn't taking my pillow and my camera I think I might get everything in one carry on bag even without my backpack. But there is NO WAY I'm visiting Italy without a camera! Or my pillow!

Right now the forecast in Venice is calling for rain while we're there so I threw in a small umbrella. If it does rain while we're there, so what! We'll be walking in the Italy!

4 Days and Counting.......

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