Monday, April 28, 2014

2 Days ......

I received an email from the owner of the apartment we are staying at in Venice. She gave me instructions on how to get to the apartment (by boat!). She will meet us at the boat dock and take us to the apartment once we arrive. Am I crazy to trust a complete stranger to take us to an unknown apartment in a foreign country? Why am I so calm about this whole situation?
 Of course I'm slightly anxious about it but that's normal right? After all, I'm meeting up with someone I've never met - in a new country - who I'm assuming speaks the Italian language. But I have faith in the fact that there are good, honest, trustworthy people in the world. And THIS is part of the adventure I hope we all have on this trip; to meet new people and have the experience of meeting a total stranger and even if it's only for a few days, creating a forever memory. 

So here we go.... 2 days and counting 

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  1. OO LA LA!!!! I am smiling a big Cheshire Cat grin, just THiNKiNG about the wonderfulness that you're about to encounter!! Please, please, PLEASE write in your journal every day-- and share it.... with ME when you get back!!! Love ya girl!!