Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Slug Bug

This is what we woke up to one morning in Venice. We think it's a slug. Creepy little thing slithers - has two antennae that poke out when he moves. Of course I'm the first one awake and this little guy is  waiting for me on the kitchen floor. Good Morning!

We have no idea how he got in. Oh wait, maybe he came in through the huge space under the window! In Venice there are no screens on the windows. There are glass windows that open and then wooden shutters over those. Neither the glass nor the wooden shutters close snug so there is plenty of room for little creatures to find their way inside (obviously).

We picked him up and tossed him outside but guess what? He was back the next morning!! Seriously he was! Right back on the kitchen floor when we woke up. :)

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