Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I had read so much about the beauty of the island with its colorful houses and the famous lace made there so we made it a priority to visit. Immediately upon arriving we noticed an older woman 'working her lace' in a shop so stopped in to watch her work. Her thimble and needle worked in perfect rhythm as the threads stitched creativity in to delicate lace patterns. There were no pictures allowed but oh how I wanted to capture her craft on film.

We strolled along the vibrantly painted houses which were a great backdrop for taking pictures. :)
Even though we didn't buy any lace doilies or tablecloths, I'm glad we took the boat ride to see this island. In all fairness to Burano, maybe we should have explored a bit more than we did, but we shot some great pictures and have a few stories to tell as well. (Little did we know at the time but it would be hours before we made it back to Venice.) :)

I don't know what these two are talking about but they seem to be enjoying themselves!

Hanging out laundry seems to be a way of life for Italians and I have to admit that these are some of my favorite scenes from our trip. Visually it depicts the culture and the traditions of the Italian people to me.
In Burano

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