Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pisa continued

Visiting the inside of the Tower of Pisa went by far too quickly. We could have taken in the view and atmosphere all afternoon but our allotted time was up so we were ushered out to make room for the next tour. 

We headed back to the yellow building to pick up our purses from the locker room type area inside. We presented our ‘key card’ to open our locker and low and behold it didn’t work. We had been apprehensive about leaving our purse, wallets and passports in the first place and now the guy was telling us our key wouldn’t open the right locker? (Katie was certain that whoever DID have the key to our locker had taken our stuff and stolen our identities.) Try to imagine this unfolding. There is Katie who is ready to take somebody to the dirt, Jess who has this terrified look on her face and my sister, Shelley, who is just following them both around behind the counter not knowing exactly if she should panic or not. I’m having a hot flash so I’m sitting down on the bench in front of the counter. Meanwhile there is a line of people out the door waiting to retrieve their own items and because of our situation all retrieving has stopped. It was quite a sight. 

The guy in charge had to call a supervisor and I’m not even sure what transpired but a short time later we had our purses and we were on our way. Once we realized our identities were still our own, we headed out to take the typical tourist shots of the Tower.


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