Sunday, August 10, 2014


Although it’s hard not to miss the summer blooms of color, you simply can’t go wrong with fall mums. I’ve always dreamed of having a huge flower garden with constant blooms and colors throughout the summer months but realistically there is no way I could keep up with the weeding and care it takes for something like I envision. So, I have a little color here and there and I’m happy with that. 

As much as I love the summer colors, there is something about the blooming of my mums  I look forward to. They give me greenery and texture all summer long and then right about now they decide they’ve been quiet long enough and they take on a ‘diva of the garden’ attitude. 

Today as I was watering them, I not only noticed the autumn colors of rust, lavender and yellow appearing, but I also noticed far too many of those pesky weeds as well. Someone I know has a terrible time telling a weed from a flower when new growth begins in the Spring and I’ve never understood how she can’t differentiate the two. Or how someone can’t tell a cucumber plant from a watermelon plant as it pops through the soil simply by looking at the leaves. To some folks everything looks like a weed regardless of the shape or size, never knowing that if nurtured and watered those once thought of ‘weeds’ will turn into the most beautiful rust colored mums. 

People are a lot like that. To some, we look like weeds, not worthy of the time or effort it takes to tend and build up. Not deserving of digging below the roots and spreading a little compost of encouragement to strengthen the root system. If we never associate with ‘weeds’ we’ll never get to know them or experience their smile or share Christ with them. How do people (weeds) feel love and compassion if we don’t take the time to make them feel accepted?  When you have the choice of doing either, believe something good about someone rather than something bad. 

And keep in mind that some of the most beautiful blooms come from weeds.

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