Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Because we had packed the night before, we didn't feel rushed when the alarm sounded at 4:00 am. We stood outside our Rome apartment on a dark, completely quiet street waiting for the taxi guy to arrive. At just before 4:30 am our driver arrived in a dark van, dressed in a dark suit and tie. Jess's comment was, "Oh! This doesn't look like a scene from "Taken" at all."  ha!!

Before we left though, we snapped this picture of the Colosseum. Our apartment was just across the street from it and it really was gorgeous this time of morning.

We arrived at a very quiet airport and began our check in process. As we were waiting in line the girls were losing their patience a little with the people in front of us because it was taking them so long to check in. Once it was finally our turn, we check in the bags that contain our wine supply and then realize that Italy has a very strict policy about the weight of  carry-on bags. Of course, Jess's bag is the one that is too heavy so she is arranging and rearranging the contents of her bag and her backpack to get the weight to meet the magic number. She is not a happy camper at this point. She weighs it again and the lady behind the counter tells her it's heavier now. "How is that possible?" Jess asks. The lady behind the counter doesn't even respond. More arranging and rearranging takes place on the floor. Shelley Ann and I are thinking this is hilarious but we don't dare laugh because Jess is about to explode. ha! Finally, the weight limit is met.... and then comes the back packs. 
Each of our back packs have to be placed in a 'compartment' to see if they are the correct size to be allowed. We had to smoosh and smash a little, but eventually they met the requirements. WHEW! We made it through the check in process.. ha! (Now we know why the people in front of us had taken so long.) 

  On to security...  Of course my bag is the one that needs to be searched. 
"It looks like you have some jelly or jam in your bag." 
Yes, I do. 
"Well it's too large. You'll have to go back through check in."   
WHAT!?  No, I'm not going back through check in. "You can take it home with you if you'd like," I say with a smile.  
The security lady is not amused. So we throw away the new, unopened jam I had bought as a souvenir. So much for toast with Italian jam in the mornings. :)

Finally, we're officially on our way to catch our plane out of Rome .

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