Monday, September 1, 2014


Our ten days in Italy went by much too quickly and the reality of it coming to an end was a bit sad. We were scheduled to leave Rome at 6:55 a.m. which meant we had to be at the airport ridiculously early which meant we needed to wake up ridiculously early. We decided we’d just stay up all night, get to the airport and sleep on the plane. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?  *ha*

As we began to pack, our suitcases seemed to have shrunk and the contents seemed to have multiplied. We had more fun packing and laughing than one should ever hope for. My sister, Shelley, asked in all seriousness, "Do you think this will close?" It was so funny. 

But Shell was determined to get it closed and the battle was on!

Shelley Ann - 1       Suitcase - 0    

Our final night in Rome was spent sitting around the apartment talking about the day, drinking wine and playing a drinking game Jess had taught us. Keep in mind that I drink very little so one glass of wine and I’m a bit loopy. The night continued with lots and lots and lots of laughs and lots and lots of wine. As we prepared to pack for home we slightly miscalculated how much wine we were bringing back to the U.S. so we had to drink 6 bottles that night.(true) Maybe it was the 20 bottles of wine we had delivered to our apartment that threw off the calculations! Needless to say we changed our minds about staying up all night and decided to get a couple hours sleep before the taxi guy showed up.

to be continued.........

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