Thursday, September 25, 2014


I knew when my 80 year old mom purchased an I phone 5 there would be some interesting conversations but I had no idea how entertaining it would be for the entire family. My mom has absolutely NO idea about technology, so to say that she is out of her element may be the biggest understatement ever spoken. Why did she get an I phone? Because she wanted one. And the fact that her old phone should be displayed in a museum somewhere. **priceless**

Mom has had her new phone for a week now and she can finally make a phone call unassisted. ha! AND she sent me a text today all by herself!

The other day I was talking to her and she told me, "I think I'm ready for Space Town."  I think she meant Face Time. *giggle* Face Time, Space Town, whatever... will have to wait a little bit I think. One step at a time mom.

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