Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I like things to be organized. I like my closet to be color coordinated, books separated into ‘yet to read’, ‘read again’ and ‘I forgot about this one!’ 
And the junk drawer… well that has to be nice and neat right? Never know when you might need to find some junk. 

It’s a lovely thing to see the Tupperware stacked neatly with color coordinated lids nearby. However, mysteriously, the once prim and proper pyramids of plastic have dwindled considerably. (I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that my daughter’s Tupperware drawer may have many ‘extras’ that look a lot like mine.)

But alas, I cannot find the white three ring binder I’ve been searching for! I know where I left it. (Obviously not) It used to be in the drawer next to the fridge but now that drawer houses construction paper, stickers, Go Fish cards, dice, sketch pads and other exceptionally important supplies when grandsons are here. :)

So where oh where art thou white binder? I know! Nope, already looked there. Oh wait, I bet… Nope, not there either. Think. Just think. Where would I have put it?  I’ve looked in all those places. Hmmm…. If only I were organized.

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