Wednesday, October 1, 2014


If Pinterest were REAL….

** I would take a cabbage leaf and a black olive and create a pirate for lunch. Arrrgh matey! 

** My entire house would be decorated with shabby chic furniture that I found in the dumpster and repurposed.

** I would be able to eat ooey gooey caramel brownies and then do a quick 10 minute workout and not gain an ounce of weight. (maybe even lose 5 pounds)

** I would take an old table I found in the dump and whip that baby into a bathroom vanity in no time.

** I would take the silverware that gets caught in the garbage disposal and make a wind chime from of it.

** I would make a wreath for my front door for every season using only toilet paper rolls.

** I would make all my own scarves – out of old t-shirts.

** My herb garden would be made from wood pallets (found on the side of the road).

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