Sunday, January 4, 2015


Instead of resolutions, for 2015 I’m choosing a single word as my mantra for the new year. A word to guide me throughout 2015.  My word is: GRATEFUL  ~  This is the word I choose to keep in the forefront of my mind every day. When things are going smoothly and I’ve settled into my comfort zone – when I’m feeling discouraged and need to be reminded of the countless good things in my life – and in times of uncertainty I will thank God for the situation and trust in the outcome. 

I know God has a plan for me and I trust in that. 
2015 is going to be a year to remember!
I wish you all a blessed, healthy, and adventurous new year.

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  1. Happy New Year my dear friend!! I was sad to not be able to post on your wall on Facebook anymore, but I love stillbeing able to follow you on your blog! And, of course I still have your email! *wink*wink* I pray that God Blesses you and your sweet growing bundle-of-Joy-filled family as this new year approaches!! Let's talk soon, k?
    Love ya!!