Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bathroom Humor

If waiting too long to potty causes bladder infection, I can say without a doubt that my husband will never have bladder infection. Ever. I swear his bladder is the size of a golf ball. This guy can spot a bathroom sign from a mile away. So you can imagine what a debacle it's been for him in Italy where public bathrooms are few and far between.

As we got off the water bus, he whispers to me, "I have to go to the bathroom...bad!" (Good heavens, it's like potty training all over again.) We are at St. Mark's square where there are a gazillion people so naturally you'd think there's a public bathroom nearby but we can't find it and he cannot hold it one second longer.

He sees a restaurant and makes a mad dash inside, through the door and up the stairs. I hear the guy behind the desk holler, "Sir! No, no, public restroom." That was my que to turn around and act like I didn't know him. :)

I no more got outside and I turn around to see him drinking a cup of coffee. "What in the world are you doing?" I asked him.

The guy had told him he'd need to buy something to use the bathroom so Dwight orders a cup of coffee. 

At this point I am laughing and I need to step outside because it is so funny. 

Dwight tells me to sit down at a table outside in the square and the gentleman behind the counter says, "No, no. If you sit outside the prices are different. You must stand and drink it." 

Oh gosh, I am really laughing now. And in the mean time, Dwight STILL hasn't gotten to the bathroom! 
I had to step outside again because I am just laughing so hard at the whole situation. Oh gosh, it was so funny!

Eventually he did make it to the bathroom and he tells me he peed so long that the motion sensored light had gone off and he's standing there in the dark. *The laughter starts all over again.* He says he has to wave his hand to get the light to come back on. Hello? Hello? There's someone in here!

And of course because he drinks coffee it's not long before we're on the hunt for another bathroom.  

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