Thursday, April 16, 2015

People Watching

Watching people pass by is fine. Watching people a little closer to see what they are actually doing in a certain time span seems to have a bit more of a creepiness feel. So I'm going to call what I've been doing 'observing'. That sounds much more scientific than watching total strangers and taking pictures of them. I try to be discreet and not linger too long. It's better if they don't notice me at all. Otherwise it can get awkward very quickly. 

I enjoy watching people, not just to take pictures but just to watch people. You can learn a lot about life by watching.

I have a soft spot for mommies and little boys.

Various things catch my eye ~ maybe it's body language, maybe it's a color, possibly the interaction between people. It varies. But when I see it, I know. I want to capture that little moment and then make up the rest of the story in my mind.
Loved this little one's bandana clad outfit.

In this magical city on water there is 'life' happening. Just ordinary things like Grandma and Papa taking their sweet little one for a walk in square. 
At St.Mark's square people were feeding the pigeons and letting them land on them. Yikes, not something I'd want to do but they were loving it.

This little cutie was not impressed with the pigeons at all. A few minutes earlier she was scared to death of them. She's keeping a close eye on those little creatures.

No words needed here....

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