Sunday, July 5, 2015


I'm so excited. Almost done with the playroom! 

We have one small bedroom that is technically a "guest room" but my favorite guests are the grandkids so I just made it into a playroom for the boys instead.

It's a small room to begin with and if we'd put a bed and dresser in it, there wouldn't be much room to move around. A room for books and toys is more fun anyway. :)

When we have a 'guest' we'll be using an air mattress to sleep on. :)  I'm completely serious. I'm even surprising myself with some of the things we're doing in this move to a smaller house. I'm realizing that less can be more.

I painted the walls a neutral color so  decided to add a bold curtain with bold blue chairs, (which open up into little 'beds'). Rows of wonderful books are waiting for little boys to read them.
And of course we have original art work displayed on the wall.

As the boys get a bit older they are playing with fewer and fewer of the toys we have. Maybe it's just that their interests are changing and they're moving on to other things. They can easily get rid of things, it's me that wants to hold on to things because of sentimental value! I had the boys help me go through the toy closet and decide which toys to keep and which to give away. We did a major declutter of the toy closet. It was very sweet to hear them talking about other kids being  happy to get new toys.:)

I need to get a picture of the boys to complete one wall and then decide what to do with the final wall. Maybe an art wall where they can display their masterpieces?? 

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