Sunday, July 5, 2015


Because I have literally no idea when we will officially be moving, I'm going to refer to the other house as the 'new' house. *ha* By the time we actually get moved in it may not be so 'new'. :)

I'm loving the yard at the new house although it is turning out to be more work than I was expecting. Once we actually live there and we're not running back and forth it will be much easier to keep up with. (Not to mention going through closets, working on the 'new' house, changing remodeling plans along the way etc. etc.) *ha*  I have to smile or I just may break out in hives.  

I've always wanted lots of flowers and plants in my yard but as hard as I've tried I just haven't been able to get it to come to fruition. With the new house the labors of someone before me has blessed me with a yard of abundant colors. 

This yard is like having my own greenhouse with a smorgasbord of plants to choose from. I've given plants away, I've moved and replanted a TON of plants from one spot to another and I've pulled up plants to make room for yet others. 

I've even dug up a few of my favorite plants from our 'old' house and transplanted them among the existing ones.

A few of them were well established so I'm crossing my fingers that they survive the transplant and like their new location. 
There are a few plants that still haven't bloomed and I can't wait to see what they do. Can you tell I'm loving my new back yard?

In one corner was this awful rose bush that must of been there for ages. It was huge and twisted and a brambled mess. There were several other smaller rose bushes and some type of shrub, all of which had not seen much tender loving care for a while. It was really quite a mess so we whacked it all down - all of it. Now we have this wonderful little area to do with whatever we want! Maybe we'll plant a few tomato plants there next year. (I didn't get any pictures of this corner, I was just glad to get it all torn out!)

And I did not realize that marigolds would come back volunteer but believe me, they do! I have a million of them growing. 100% volunteer!

What a wonderful bonus to our new house! On those days I become overwhelmed at all the remodeling chaos, I just have to step out back and drink in all this wonderful color.

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