Monday, July 27, 2015

Remodeling Adventure Continues

 Once we officially decided on taking all the half walls down, Dwight began counting how many return air vents, outlets and light switches he would have to move. Gosh he is a good sport!

Throughout the entire house the return air vents were at the top of the walls which I thought was really strange, so all those were moved down to floor level. They are much easier to hide behind furniture that way. :)

 Three of the walls came down quickly. This one however had several light switches and the thermostat involved so it took a bit more thought. 


I love how it opened up the rooms. If it were up to me I'd knock down that wall you see in the picture below and have it completely open.
(* That is a load bearing wall and we can't knock it down. I asked.*)  :)


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