Thursday, December 24, 2015


Today has been crunch time for us, trying to get a few more pictures hung up and clearing the floors so the grand kids can run wild when they get here tomorrow. I haven’t bought groceries in a zillion weeks so I braved our local super center to stock up for the next few days. December 23rd – Local Super Center… Not a good combination.  

Because I had so many groceries, the gentleman checking me out was running out of room as to where to place my ‘paid for’ sacks as I was still unloading my cart. 

I didn’t see it happen, but I heard it. One of the sacks he had stacked up fell off the counter causing a jar of pickles to hit the floor and shatter. So then we had to wait for the clean up crew to arrive. Yep, today I was THAT person that stopped the flow of the check out line. 

Fortunately a gal from church came up behind me in line and we had a wonderful visit as the clean up crew finished. :)

After  checking off a gazillion errands, I headed home only to find this waiting for me.

 It made my day. What a kind and thoughtful gesture from an older neighbor lady that lives just down the alley. She  walks her dog, Poncho, every day rain or shine.  She always stops for a quick visit if we’re working in the yard or just happen to be outside when she walks by.

This move and this new adventure is going to be a good one. And neighbors like this will make it even more wonderful. 

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