Monday, December 14, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

My sister, Shelley, my mom and I shared a non traditional Thanksgiving this year. We decided to take a mother/daughter trip to Estes Park Colorado  and oh what fun we had. 

Although we'd told mom that the last thirty miles of road was a bit of a zig zag ride, we weren't expecting her to tell us she felt a little nauseous just a few miles from Estes. ha! We kept rolling the back window up and down to give her some fresh air. It was about 15 degrees out so it didn't take long for that brisk air to perk her right up. 

Estes is one of my favorite places and this trip it was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. It snowed every day we were there which only added to the loveliness. It could not have been more perfect. 

One other thing that we Nebraskans noticed was there was NO wind! 

We commented how we rarely had the beautiful snow on the branches because the wind blew it off too quickly. :) 

Thanksgiving day was spent driving through Rocky Mountain National Park. 

I never get tired of seeing the elk. 

Mom was looking forward to visiting every single little shop so we made a day of it. 
 The weather forecast was snow and COLD so we had all talked about making sure we brought warm clothes. Shell and I had brought plenty of layers but mom however, thought a simple sweatshirt was plenty. Oh goodness mom.

The Friday night after Thanksgiving, Estes kicked off their Christmas season with a 'Catch The Glow' parade so of course we staked out a spot, plopped down our lawn chairs on the snow covered street and tried to stay warm in the 12 degree weather until the parade started. (Keep in mind that mom was a tad bit under dressed.) Once again mom made Shell and I laugh. She was frozen solid. 

When we got back to the cabin she sat down by the fireplace until she thawed out, which took quite a long time. 
Once again, Shell and I laughed and laughed.


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