Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Grateful 365 - Day 13

36 years ago our first daughter was born. It was a sunny day with snow on the ground.

We lived across the street from the hospital and yet when I went in to labor we drove downtown to use a pay phone to call my mom. 

Mom didn't rush to the hospital because she thought that I'd be in labor for quite a while beings it was my first baby. 
Guess what? She didn't get there by the time Katie was born. :)

Mom didn't sound nervous when we called her to say I was in labor but she must have been because we found out later that she had opened the garage door enough to walk in but not enough to back out so she hit the garage door with the car. ha!

Today I am grateful for our first daughter, Katie. I've always loved being a mom.
Happy birthday honey!


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