Monday, January 11, 2016

Grateful 365 - Day 11

I consider myself to be somewhat normal, that I have a fairly normal life - right up until I put my day into black and white. That's when I think I may have issues. 

* I woke up this morning and thought, "It's 2016. My  teaching certificate expires in 2016!" I called the Department of Education to find out exactly what I needed to do. I knew what they were going to say but I was hoping there was the tiniest bit of hope that the classes I've taken were recent enough but no luck. So I called a nearby college and told them I needed to apply for classes (which started today!). Because it's been a few years since I've taken classes there I had to go through the application process again. Ugh! I'm hoping this goes through asap. I feel like I'm behind already and haven't even begun!

* The last couple months I've been incredibly tired. I'm talking can't keep my eyes open tired. I chalked it up to this whole crazy moving process and simply a lot of late nights. Today I had a bit of a headache so I reached into my purse to take a tylenol. It was the last one in the bottle so I put the bottle in the trash. For some reason just as I let go of the bottle something caught my eye. What did that say? I picked up the empty bottle and it said Tylenol PM! What in the world? I guess that explains a bit of my tiredness lately. ha! Obviously they need to label it a little clearer for us non-observant consumers. 

* This afternoon I decided to make some cookies (after a quick nap from the Tylenol PM ha!) I'm stirring up the ingredients I've added so far when I decide to scan over the directions. Add baking soda, salt, pumpkin. Wait. Back up. Pumpkin? Yep, I'm using the wrong recipe. Geez. Now I have to figure out how much I HAVE added and what I NEED to add. Good thing I'm good at math. :)

When crazy stuff like this happens I have to tell my sister. She gets a chuckle out of my madness. As we're talking on the phone her desk drawer falls out and the contents spill out on the floor. Oh gosh we laughed and laughed. 

Today I'm grateful for those phone calls with Shell. And I guess I'm grateful for the craziness of my day. ha!

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