Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grateful 365

 I found this gorgeous kitchen table at a lovely store in Grand Island, Primitive Touch Antique Warehouse. The distressed wood and chunky legs give this table the rustic look I love. 

When we picked up the table the gentleman that built this asked me if I knew the story of the wood. No.... I didn't realize there was a story. Immediately he had my attention. I love it when there's a story connected with things. 

The table legs are posts, turned on a lathe, found in a granary in Eagle Nebraska dated 1910. 
The table top and the entire bench are the original floor boards out of the Bennet Nebraska General Mercantile Store built in 1884. I love that! I found myself rubbing my hand across this wood and just imagining the stories they could tell. Especially the floor boards of the Mercantile Store. I can visualize the shoes clicking across this floor. *sigh* 

I loved this table before but once I heard the story of the wood I l.o.v.e.d this table.
Not only does this table hold history but it is history in Nebraska!
I hadn't decided on kitchen chairs but I was leaning toward a type of wing back chair. But that changed quickly when we saw chairs that had been refurbished by the same craftsman that built the table. After  several combinations of various chair types we decided on two beautiful red chairs along with some beautiful bow back chairs. 

Today I am grateful for finding this new store and meeting the wonderful family that runs it and I'm also grateful for the pieces of history that run through the grains of the wood of this charming table.

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