Friday, January 8, 2016

Grateful 365 -- Day 7

Let's be honest, none of us like to do laundry. I hate to admit it but I fell waaayy behind on laundry in the month before our move. Laundry isn't my favorite past time anyway so throw in the moving process and it was a bit of a disaster. 

When it came time to move things I had a ton of dirty clothes so I started stuffing clothes in trash bags. 

The first thing I thought of was my sister, Shell. Shell does laundry constantly. There isn't one piece of laundry in her house. Ever!  So of course I had to take pictures of my trash bags full of dirty clothes and send them to her. Shell started to hyperventilate a bit when she saw how much laundry I actually had. It made me giggle just imagining her reaction. 

A little later I sent her a picture of my 'clean' clothes I was loading in my car. That just about drove her to the edge of her sanity. ha! ha!

At the last minute we decided to get a new washer and dryer so that left me without a washer even longer. 

Laundry was not a priority once we moved into the house. We were painting, putting up tile, still cutting flooring, trying to find furniture and clearing the floors so our family had somewhere to sleep when they came for Christmas.

Because of the weather my sister spent some extra time with us so guess what she did? My laundry! I felt a little bit bad about her washing all those dirty clothes but not bad enough to stop her. ha! And besides, she enjoys laundry! I wasn't going to deprive her of that joy.  :)

So today I am grateful for my sister. Thanks Shell!


Day 8

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