Friday, January 8, 2016

Grateful 365 -- Day 6

We've be in the new house for three weeks already and still have numerous things to do before we are "finished" with everything.

We had to order trim pieces for the shower and the shower wall in the main bathroom and it seems like it's taken forever for the order to arrive but it's finally here.
That means there have been plumbers here this week. They plan on being here tomorrow as well and I'm hoping they can complete it. 

The guys have had to cut pieces of the onyx for the bathroom which thankfully they've done in the garage but that means the garage has a layer of dust again. I cannot say how tired I am of dust and cleaning and dust and cleaning. 

I'll post pictures of the entire bathroom when it's finished. It's really turning out nice. My favorite part is the sink!! Kudos to Mike, our contractor, for making it. I showed him one picture of what I was thinking and he created it perfectly. This was the first concrete sink he'd ever made but I had complete confidence in him. He kept telling me how great it was turning out but he didn't want me to preview it until it was complete. By the time it was installed I was eager to see it. It was exactly how I imagined it to be. I love the imperfections. It looks worn in all the right places. And the double faucets are just perfect for grand kids. I didn't think I'd be this giddy over a sink but I am. :) 

So today I'm grateful for plumbers and contractors.


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