Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Grateful 365

Hi ~ My name is Renae and I'm a plant hoarder.

I have always loved plants but with this sun room on the new house I have lost complete control of my senses! There is no medical term for what ails me but I swear it gets worse every year. The difference now... I have more room for more plants. And now with the new plants and flowers coming out for Spring, I just cannot resist! 

I told myself that the only way I'd get more plants is if I found a 'unique' or 'different' one. 
Well, last week I visited a local nursery and of course I could  not resist. It's like taking a kid to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and telling her she can't taste the chocolate! It just can't be done. 

Now who could resist this beauty?
Obviously not me!

One of my favorite finds at the nursery last week. A twisted celosia.
It looks like a brain to me.

I'm always looking for strange shapes or textures of leaves or maybe something that just catches my eye. (which is really any plant honestly.) 

As always, I'm learning a lot about which plants you can cut off and stick in water to root or those whose roots can be broken apart to give to someone. It's crazy how some plants can drop a piece and you can just stick it in dirt and it grows! Which of course gives me more plants! Like I said...I have plant issues. ha! 

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