Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grateful 365 - bulbs

Last fall I decided to try something new and planted a bunch of bulbs in the backyard. My idea is to have a little bit of color in my yard from early Spring through Fall. 
This was my first experience with bulbs and I knew very little about them. I never messed with them before because I'd read about how people dig them up and lay them out on newspapers throughout the winter. No thanks...   I know now that isn't the case with all bulbs. Basically, I received these dried up looking clumps in the mail and planted them. I did look at the projected heights of them and that was about all the "planning" I did.

Within the last few weeks I have all sorts of things popping up in the yard. Mother Nature is incredibly wonderful isn't she? I do know I have some tulips, some iris, lilies and some daffodils but I don't know the exact types.  I had intended to write down each set of bulbs I planted but that didn't happen. Maybe I'll remember to jot it down as they bloom. :)  

I am loving all the changes that are happening in my yard. It's remarkable how quickly these flowers are growing! There's so much change from one day to the next.  

I can already tell it's going to be a learning process for me. The other day I was pulling weeds and dug up a bulb. Not sure what it was but it looks like a weed when it first comes up. ha! 

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